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Goodbye 365 Project, Hello Weekly Photo

Okay, so, this morning while sipping on my morning rockstar (classy right?), I was reading through my RSS feeds and decided to take a glance at my feed of Daily Post @ WordPress. Hoping to find some inspiration as I’ve been feeling rather unmotivated to really do anything EPIC AND AWESOMEPOSSUM with my blog.

So today their post was Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge. Heck yeah. I’m definitely game for a weekly photo challenge. That sounds FUN. And it’s themed? Hell yeah. I think one of the reasons I would always forget to take a photo for 365 was that I just wasn’t doing anything with my day. I mean this week all I’ve done is sleep and work. Yeah lets take photo’s of that. o_O.

Not exciting.

So I’m going to continue using the same picasaweb folder, except that I’m going to end it where it is as far as 365 and start using it for Weekly Photo Challenge. I think this will be good for me, and a nice way to continue showcasing photo’s on here without it being completely helter skelter.


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