Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Back in my day, I walked 2 miles, uphill, in the rain, to get to…

Home. From the bank. Wait wait, okay. So I wanted a catchy title. Let me rewind and fill in some data.

Today is Friday and that’s my PayDay. Those are two very important facts. I never work on Friday’s. Mike always does. What that means I do not have a vehicle. Again, I apologize, I’m skipping. Let me just tell you about my day!

I woke up around 10:30 feeling completely refreshed. Holy crap! I think to myself, I’m finally getting used to my meds! Finally!! Then I make food, prepare to take my antibiotics and realize I didn’t take any last night. Aha! So that explains it! Now I most definitely am not drinking on St. Patrick’s day. The Best day. TEH BEST DAY!

I take my medication then make myself some chinese food left overs from dinner last night. Yeah, I’m healthy. Then proceed to feel horrible for the next few hours. I go back and forth between the thoughts; Do I want to go pick up my check or Do I Not want to pick up my check?

I say screw it, put on my bowling shoes and depart.

I walk the half mile to my bus stop. Same ol’ same ol’. I’m standing at my bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive. I always get there early because once in a while my bus is early and that is fantastic. Two men come walking up the hill laughing and talking loudly and when they get to the bus stop one looks at me, stops, and says, “Well hello beautiful.”

I’m stunned, but I smile and say, “Hi there!” or something else in the same generic sphere. He immediately looks down at my bowling shoes and says, “Are you going to the lanes? Can I go? Hahaha.” I laugh and tell him these are my comfy street shoes. Etcetc. It was funny in my mind.

So I get to work. I get my check, leave and head back to the bus stop. Here is where my day gets mighty exciting. At least for me who is a glorified shut in.

I’m sitting waiting for my bus, no big deal. There are at least a dozen people around me. A bus pulls up to let people off. It’s not my bus. I’m half watching the people step off the train, half day dreaming about cashing my check, when this girl steps off the bus and makes immediate eye contact and then bee-lines toward me. This girl looks super strung out and has faded green tattoos ON HER FACE Now, I do not judge. Face tattoos? Freakin awesome, WISH I could do it. But these were like half gone, weird zig zags, I could make no pattern or even begin to build an idea about them when she asks me, “…602? .. Is .. this where .. 602 here?”

My jaw drops. My face looks like this ->  O_O

So I gesture to the sign RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD (that says 3 to Down Town) and say, “All I know is this is for bus 3 to downtown. Sorry :\”  Okay I didn’t say the emoticon, but my face made the shape.

She then stumbles off over to the 602 area and I go back to day dreaming about $$$

I come out of my reverie and look around the bus stop to see her dealing with the cop who hangs out at the station. Then she and the officer walk over to the bus attendant and she’s just being all crazy. I know of no better way to describe her except, “All crazy.” That’s how bizarre it was.

I get on my bus, get off before my stop and walk about two blocks, down hill, to the bank I found online. Awesome. It’s open, it’s a real branch, blahblah.

So I begin my trek home. Downtown in Tacoma is very pretty. I walked through area’s I hadn’t been in before and it was enjoyable. Well, the first half was enjoyable.

Then the uphill climb came.

To be honest, I was on the verge of blacking out through most of it. Or maybe I’ve just blocked it out because it was so horrible. My left foot is seriously messed up and I think I have some kind of blister/bruise on my right foot.

I’m sorry my story was so anticlimatic. I wish I had my camra. Haha.


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