Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

do be bo bee bop

I’m alive! Sort of! I’m still reacting really poorly to my antibiotics so I apologize for not updating more on here. Honestly though, my life hasn’t been exciting. Here’s my daily run down.


  1. Wake up
  2. Force down food
  3. Take meds with food
  4. Get ready for work
  5. Walk to bus
  6. Get off bus
  7. Walk to work
  8. Work
  9. Leave work
  10. Inhale food
  11. Take meds
  12. He-Man and She-Ra
  13. Sleep
  14. Rinse and Repeat.

So there’s that. If I put down how many times I smoked on a work day you might be a bit disgusted with me and my list would be at like 21 steps. Haha. I miss writing! I will do more soon  once things liven up.


One response to “do be bo bee bop

  1. Dan March 9, 2011 at 4:41 am

    A few things:
    1)This site is awesome…hope you make your own!
    2)Thanks for the twitter follow
    3)Very sorry to read about your ongoing sickness…if you ever want to bounce medical issues back and forth, I got a lot in that area to talk about! I really hope your body adjust to the meds and they work for you!
    Have a super day! …and stop smoking! lol;)

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