Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Clean Slate?

I’m having this really strong urge to start my blog over. Like maybe it has somehow gotten away from me. Maybe I just need a new name. Pretty Like Drugs is the name of my favorite song.

And that used to work for me really well. But now that I’m really thinking about it, and considering buying a domain and stuff like that.. I mean, is it really that good of a name? Or to be associated with? I don’t know it’s not something I would normally be concerned about it. I can just see where some people would take it out of context and just focus on the word “Drug” as opposed to considering and thinking about the concept of being “Pretty Like Drugs.”

Though of course anyone who fixates on the idea of DRUGS without actually taking in the “big picture” probably isn’t very likely to be able to understand what makes drugs so attractive.

I don’t know.

I get it.

Now that I’ve written that all down I feel silly. Who cares if no one else gets it. I GET IT. Hah.

I am a silly girl.


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