Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

So I think it’s time to finally admit defeat

I’ve given up on 365 project. It really just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Honestly, I mostly just forget to take a picture. Suddenly 2 days turn into a week and I just don’t even want to deal with it. So there’s that. Sorry I guess?

Valentines Day was wonderful. Probably one of the best Valentines’ I’ve ever had, if not the best one. I woke up pretty late (but I had also just worked the weekend from hell), and Mike brought me a card to bed. I was like “Aw yay a card.” so I read it and got up and in the kitchen were Flowers and Chocolate. Pretty standard stuff but I was very very happy about it. After I put the flowers in a vase we decided it was about time to go get some breakfast. So we headed to the park near our house so I could feed the ducks (because I save old bread heels for it) and then we went to this awesome little diner right near our house. We’ve driven past it a lot but never stopped there.

The food was excellent. And I thought it was also very fairly priced. I got biscuits, gravy, and eggs (with hashbrowns nomnom), and Mike got cornedbeef hash with eggs, potatoes, and toast. It was delicious.

After that we walked back home and I had to run to the bank to deposit my paycheck. I guess you can’t avoid mundane chores even on pretend Holidays. Hah. Mike put in a job application after I stopped at the bank, then we headed home.

Once we get home Mike surprises me with a wrapped up box. My jaw drops because at this point I figured I had gotten all the presents I was going to get for the day and I was good with it. Mike got me this beautiful necklace. I kind of jumped the gun and took off the tag without looking at what kind of stone it was. 😦 Mike doesn’t remember fully but he thinks its aquamarine. I think it might be topaz. I really don’t care, it’s beautiful. I will have to take a picture.

I sat and played RockBand uninterrupted for like two hours which was fantastic. And then we went and got some dinner and drinks. Okay we got a lot of drinks. I was not feeling so hot when I went to work on the 15th. I would say it was comparable to Jan 1st. Yeah. That bad.


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