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Slow times

Not a whole lot is happening in my life at the moment. Thanksgiving is finally all behind me and my left overs have finally been eaten. I am tired of turkey and will probably wait another year before eating it again. Mike and I went to Goodwill and found a receiver to use with my speakers. I had brought my receiver but not the chords.. and Sony has special input thingies. So whatever. Long story short my speakers are being used again. Yay.

Mike got us a bed today. He had left his bed in Oregon when he moved to SC and I left my bed in SC when we moved to Wash. so yeah, we had a sleeping mat thing, but not a mattress. Yay for having a mattress.

I’m pretty excited/nervous about my interviews. Mostly excited though. I can’t really think of anything to be nervous about in particular, just the whole idea of finally getting a job in general has got me all wound up. Anxious I guess is the proper word.

I’ve been reading Kushiel’s Avatar, which is the third book in the series by Jaqueline Carey. Super good books though, I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes indepth plots, twists and turns, and not quite knowing how things are going to pan out until the end.  I bought it with my Borders Plus rewards. Yay free book. 😀

I’ve also been trying very hard to stick to my diet, and it’s paid off. I’m 142. A far cry from the 160 I was last November 🙂 So of course that makes me very happy.

Other than that.. life is life. Same ol’ same ol’.


2 responses to “Slow times

  1. Paul December 2, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Congrats on the skinniness!

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