Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Turkey Soup!

I just finished making my turkey soup out of the carcass and left over veggies. I boiled the carcass for hours yesterday and just finished it today.. strained, picked out the good meat, cleaned the broth.. THEN I added celery and carrots, potatoes and egg noodles, and then added back in the meat. Also spices but whatever. It’s fucking delicious. Thank you Grandma Spencer for my love of turkey noodle soup. It’s all about wasting nothing. woot.

So last night I went out with Mike and his friend Chris. Had a Lychee Martini that was.. okay. Didn’t really taste like booze, more just like.. pear. Blech,. BUT THEN, we went to THIS bar and it was great. I had a whiskey and coke that was GREAT and then I got.. the bucket. Well, Rock Island Bucket. That is I got a bucket full of long island iced tea, and it fucked me up. Best $9.50 I’ve spent in a really long time.


So I’m glad I have soup, I’m not really hung over, but my stomach is kind of sensitive.


AND FOOTBALL. Go Seahawks! 😀


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