Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

So fresth and so clean


Okay enough Outkast.

Today is my first day off in a long while. Six days of work in a row really wear you down. Johnny (bestbuy) gave me some awesome possum computer speakers which work great in my poquito casa. I need to buy some curtains.

I got the Poquito Casa all nice and clean again. I bought some leather cleaner and used it on my upholstery and I’m really really happy with the results. It’s red leather with a western style print on it and the cleaner made it look a lot more red than it did before. Haha.

I also helped Katie move some stuff from Boulder Creek to Santa Cruz earlier this morning before she had to go to work. So I’m glad to say I got some productivity done before I just go back to being lazy.

Tomorrow I work.

Friday I have off. I gotta go to the doctor and get some things checked out, but otherwise no plans for that day off either.

I love not having plans.


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