Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Mi Casa

I’m currently residing in the poquito casa. You may or may not have known that. I never finished my montage video. Why? Because I’m a lazy ass with a short attention span.

Actually, I would very much love to finish it, I just really need to get JediNinja a wireless modem. BigSauer (laptop) sucks at life and I wouldn’t try to do anything on here.

So maybe, someday, I will finally get my montage done.

Work today was ridic. I scalded all the finger tips on my left hand about an hour and a half into my shift. It will be fine tomorrow, but all day any time I bumped it or submerged it in the dish water, it hurt. Really badly. Also I lightly bumped my pointer finger (the scalded one) into the counter and my skin split and started bleeding. Sexy right? Yeah. So That sucks.

At lunch I was playing Hacky Sack with Jake (produce) and Nick (BestBuy) and tore my inseam on my left leg to mid thigh. That sucked as well. Luckily we sell safety pins at Safeway. Black safety pins no less.

So after work I went over to the mall to buy work pants. Yeah, like that’s all I bought. Hah. I got work pants, a new work shirt, a new book (fuck yeeeeah), I upgraded my Borders reward card, then on the way home I stopped at Quik Stop and got some snacks. I work at a grocery store, but I really never feel like spending any time there unless I’m paid.. So I pay twice as much for shit at a convenience store. What that translates into is I’m dumb.

Regardless, I am now home with a new book, some snacky snacks, a totally free afternoon, and no where I have to be. Lovely 🙂


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