Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Back to speed

It’s hard to get back into the movements of updating a blog when you’ve had as crazy of a weekend as I just had. I will give you the run down.

Thursday: Worked. Mike showed up about 30 mins before my shift ended and it was sweet torture. We got lunch afterwards and then hung out with my fam.

Friday: Taylor and Katie’s birthday extravaganza. It was a hit. We didn’t go to bed until 6am..

Saturday: Woke up with a semi hangover at noon. My friends and I cleaned up and then got some breakfast around 1pm at Capitola Diner. Delicious. Mike and I got dinner at Pleasure Pizza and watched the Pelicans dive for a while.

Today: Woke up sad. I dreamed of my Grandmother this morning. Slept while Mike packed his car. Spent time with him. He left at 9. I slept till noon. Worked at 1:30. Now I’m home.

And sad.

But this is a good song [Listen]


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