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Project: Poquito Casa Day #1

Well, I had a rough start and some set backs but I am finished with day 1 of the Poquito Casa project. I got so much stuff cleaned.. though I haven’t necessarily found where I’m going to put the stuff that was inside of the trailer. Namely my saddle and tack. I scrubbed the floors, ceiling and everything in between. At least 2/3rds of the trailer.

Because I got started so late I didn’t realize I would run out of light by 4pm. I have power in there, but it’s not really illuminated enough for me to be sure I’m cleaning everything properly. Plus I want to do a second round on the table and benches. I might have to get some upholstery cleaner. My dad thinks he has some.

I also need to scrub the ice box and oven with some fine steel wool and carwax. I already tested a spot and it gets rid of the stains that my BrightGreen and Bleach wouldn’t do.

I have no blinds, no curtains, nothing on the windows. I’m kind of concerned about that. There are five sets of windows in that thing, of all different sizes, and half of the windows don’t have curtain rods.  Now, if I had a sewing machine, I wouldn’t be freaking out. I have enough random clothes/material/pillow cases I could just sew up some nice curtains. But I DON’T. So. Any make-shift recommendations?

Things for Part Deux:

  1. Push Pins
  2. Tiny mirrors in different shapes

My First Montage
..ever. So don’t hate.



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