Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

“Gimme two Rockstars”

“Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin.”

“Oh snap.”

Me and the gas station attendant at USA Gas.

So today was a good day as far as everything is concerned. My dayslayer shift is behind me, and no more in the forecast. My little trailer (now known as poquito casa) has finally been moved to it’s final destination. What this means is I can spend my day off (Friday) cleaning it and bombing it and moving into it. Sort of. I will also have room to string out all of my mask stuff. Huzzah.

Mike and my little bro will be here in eight days. Yay. I’m very very excited. I will be getting my licence in exactly two weeks. Yay Yay. And right now my life has a very good outlook..

Well except that I work 6 eight hour days in a row before my first day off with Mike, including but not limited to me having to do inventory, ordering (pastry AND ingredients), putting away freight (hopefully I don’t put my back out) and dealing with my coworkers while no boss is present.

I’ve decided that should things go awry in the kiosk as far as there being no boss figure, I’m not going to lash out and get all power crazy. I’m going to react to it as I would any other time and write everything down so that I can present it to Stacie upon her arrival home. This is not to say that I expect bad things to happen, I just remember what happened last year when Stacie took her vacation and it was not good, to say the least.


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