Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Taylor Birthday

Okay so, Taylor’s birthday is tomorrow. Neither Katie nor I had tomorrow off so we took taylor out today and treated her. But wait, now I’m jumping the gun.. starting in the middle. So let me start at the beginning, which is last night.

So last night Katie and I both close at work. I’m off at 830, she’s off at 9pm. We leave work and go across the parking lot to Round Table pizza and get some foodies. We then head up to my house. We get there around 10:30pm. I had texted my father earlier and he was kind enough to chop wood for us.

So with the light only from Katie’s headlamps and one walkway type lamp (or torch as I referred to it as) we proceeded to set up camp. Katie is a champ, she only needed my help for all of two seconds holding one of the posts and that was just for the sake of making it easier. I built the fire. A damn good fire, if I do say so myself.

We then commence the drinking and camping. All two of us. We only invited Taylor, who wanted to shower in the morning so she opted out. That was okay. We had a blast. Got to bed at about 4am.

Wake up a 9am.. 10:15am (my alarm).. and then at noon. I decide I absolutely have to get out of bed/tent now. We slept really good though so that was cool.

Katie and I hit up the Bagelry and get some yummy breakfast. Toasted plain bagel with egg salad? Yes please.

We meet up with Taylor at safeway.

OH SIDE NOTE. My check didn’t show up until we got to safeway. My bank wasn’t recognizing it. I was having a mini meltdown and felt much better once I knew I had funds.

So we meet up with Taylor at safeway and proceed downtown and go to Petroglyph. I grab a vase, Katie grabs a box, and Taylor grabs a mug and we start having our epic painting party. It was sooo fun.

We get some lunch/dinner at 99 Bottles. I actually didn’t drink. I don’t want beer and I’ve lost my punch card four different times so I’ve given up on getting a plaque.

After that we walk around downtown and we go into Camouflage and I of course love the store immediately. This place is awesome. I want a fucking job here. I bought two books. As Taylor pointed out I’m probably the only person who would go into that store and leave with books only. Hah. I bought The Ethical Slut and Opening Up. I’m not saying I want an open relationship, but I like the idea. So books it is.

Taylor, Katie and I go back to safeway, Katie jumps in her car because she has to go to sears and get her tires checked. Taylor just dropped me off.

Yes a good day.


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