Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Ah again and again

So I went out last night briefly to get a drink with Alison. It was good. We were going to sing karaoke but then we both decided we were in no shape (read: sober) to go on stage. We ended up playing a few games of pool with Conor and Will which was fun as well. Though, my head never really got in the game I found it extremely frustrating. I was missing easy shots and I ended up just being over the whole thing. Todd gave me a free beer though. ❤ Todd

I wore Victory Rolls in my hair for the first time yesterday. I really liked the way they looked, though my webcam didn’t really pick them up that well.

It wasn’t super difficult to do, but making sure they lined up properly on your head.. that’s the tricky part. Making them uniform.

You also have Farrah hair when you take them out. Haha. I should’ve taken a picture of that 🙂


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