Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

DMV #2

I went back to the DMV this afternoon. The line wasn’t bad. I actually got up to the counter in less than 10 minutes. But the rest of the visit was not so pleasant.

My permit expired. Days ago. DAYS.

So now in order for me to get my driving licence I have to re-do my permit. I expect to have to retake my written test. I didn’t realize I was unable to do both in the same day. I’m also unable to make a behind the wheel driving appointment until I have my permit.

They made me an appointment for my permit. On the 12th of August. Yeah, that’s not happening, but thanks for the thought behind-the-counter-dmv Lady.

I’m going in either tomorrow before work or wednesday before work. Probably wednesday so I can take a power nap before my shift. After I finish my written test I will have them schedule me a driving test right then. I hope it’s sooner than the 12th.

Yeah. Stress level went from ‘in the red’ to being pinned.

I shed a few tears in the parking lot.


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