Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Happy Independence Day

My 4th of July was awesome. I hope yours was too.

I worked 9:30 to 6:30 and realized volunteering for the 8 hour mid shift that day was stupid. Stacie let Clarisse go home at 9:30am instead of 1:30pm and why she did that, I do not know. It was slammed when I got there and because she let Clarisse go home early it screwed up the whole rest of the day. Katie (the closer) had to come in early, and then take a lunch, and yeah, it sucked. Work was lame.

After I clocked out I sat and read my book while waiting for Katie to get off of work. Jake as well as Taylor and Leslie all showed up and we carpool to Andreas at about 7:30. We get to Seabright Brewery and realize that they have road blocks (as expected) but parking is just not happening anywhere. We call Jesse and he skates down and Jake skates back to his house. With Jesse, we can get past the road blocks. He’s a resident. 🙂

We get there and there’s people already there so we start setting up and munching on BBQ. More friends show up and more drinking commences. Theres fireworks, a block party, just awesomeness. I actually managed to pace myself, which was actually really fun. I wasn’t “the one” Hah. I got to bed around 3am.

I made some new friends (Jesse and Andrea’s neighbors) and that was cool.

This morning we all woke up around 11am and Andrea asked who wanted biscuits and gravy. I, of course, am like “ME ME ME” Because I love that stuff. Andrea needs milk so she sends Jesse to the store, and I send him with some money and he brings back milk and rockstars. Woo.

We sit around until like 1pm watching trailers for movies. It was awesome. Hahaha. Then we watched family guy for a little bit. Katie and I went for a walk and sat on the cliffs and talked and watched the ocean. Good times. Great 4th.

Now I am home. I close tomorrow then have wednesday off which is weird but it’s okay in my book. Time to do laundry and spin before my afternoon is shot.


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