Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Busy Busy Busy

So yesterday was a horrific day at work. Almost got into a head-on collision on the way to work and that was when the ball started rolling. Got called in early, got bitched at by my boss, evil tourist customers, just one thing after another. I’m going to leave it at that.

I’m trying to play with adding pictures to my posts.. so bear with me.

I got home from work, changed my clothes, brushed my hair and Taylor picked me up around 9 to head to Chili’s to get some dinner. Katie (sbux), Johnny(best buy) and Joe (previous from sfway. On leave for two weeks from the navy) joined us in the parking lot and we all walk in. Jon is waiting for us. Yay. I had invited him but not heard if he was coming or not.

So we get our table and que ridiculous conversation. It was great. Food was good. My drink was good. Ect ect.

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Afterwards we all decide what we’re doing and Katie and Joe decide they’re done for the night. Both of them have to get up early. So Taylor, Johnny, Jon, and I all head to safeway to buy some booze before heading to Jon’s house and drinking.

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We all get pretty good and liquored up. Play random drinking games we find on the internet. Johnny goes home around 3:30am after not drinking for a while. Though to be honest, he didn’t really drink that much. I think he only had like two or three beers.

Jon, Taylor and I hang out some more before I pass out around 5am. I think they both fell asleep shortly after me.

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So today we all wake up around 11am, we let Jon sleep until noon because he’s a wimp. Hahaha. We hang out for a bit then decide we’re going to the mall. Jon had left his wallet at Chilis (which is in the mall) anyway, so it was okay. I did some retail therapy. Jon got knives. Taylor got her paycheck. We also had a delicious lunch at the food court. hahaha

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I got new plugs. I got some 0g tapers so I can stretch it, and some 10g tunnels for my second hole. Two pairs of sunglasses. A card case (fucking finaaallllyyyy) and two books.

I tried to shove the tunnels in and they wouldn’t fit. I haven’t worn earrings in my second holes for a few months now. I only got one of my spirals (that I had in them for almost four years) to go in. So my left ear has two earrings, and my right only one. Haha.

My sunglasses are epic huge monstrous things that are so ridiculous I couldn’t not buy them.

The card case I got is pretty cool. It serves its purpose. It’s like zebra striped vinyl but the white part is blue sparkly? Not necessarily what I would’ve gone for if I had more options, but it works.

The Two books I got are Feast of Souls by C.S. Friedman and Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. Both were highly recommended by the girl who works at Borders. I trust her. She doesn’t remember me, but I remember her. She has recommended to me the last few books I’ve bought and I have not been disappointed. I wish I worked in a fucking book store.

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Anyways, so there’s that. Great times. Hopefully my camera will decide to work so I can actually post pictures.


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