Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Okay so..

I didn’t have internet when I got home. And now I have to piece together what happened in the following days from my last article. I failed so miserably at this experiment, it makes me sad.

Day 8

Today is the day we’re finally going to take on our fancy meals for each other. He’s making pulmini which are these delicious meat filled dumpling things you dip in delicious sauce. I decide I’m going to make Baklava.. which I’ve made once before.. and kick ass at it. Haha.

I set up all my shit in the kitchen. Laptop with recipe and music and all the things I need. I’m truckin away, having no issues with the phyllo dough or anything. .. I assemble it.. bake it. I even make the fucking amazing sauce.. which was amazing. It bakes, I pour, I leave it the fuck alone.

End result? I was too scared to pour all the sauce on it and I’m pretty sure I didn’t use enough butter. It was dissapointing at best. Shame on me.

Mike makes dough from scratch, and makes all these dumplings. And they are fucking amazing. Holy shit I need to cook more, it has been far too long. (obviously)

And.. I think we went drinking that night too, but I don’t exactly remember and I don’t have photos to remind me. I failed that day.

K more soon


One response to “Okay so..

  1. Phaedie May 16, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Personally I think you shared a lot of wonderful pics along with wordy details that made me laugh or feel bad or whatever you were trying to describe.
    Maybe you didn’t achieve the full goal you were aiming for at the beginning of the trip but you certainly didn’t fail by a long shot.
    Looks like you had tons of good times and lovings.
    Totally deserve it.
    Sucks that you got sick but the little petri dishes will do that.

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