Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Days 6 and 7

Okay, so I’ve been slacking and I know it! I just got back to mike’s house last night so I’ve finally gotten all of my pictures onto my laptop and I will be uploading them soon. I will re-edit my posts to include the links to the galleries.

So, day 6 I get kidnapped by one of my best friends, Jimmy. We head to Alpine Tavern out in bum fuck no where (near my mom’s house) and we start drinking and playing some pool. I see people I haven’t seen in years and proceed to have an excellent time.

After we were done there we drove into Junction City and went to Bugsy’s, and that’s when the serious drinking really started. I was singing Karaoke and making sure I was drinking enough whiskey to not remember what the fuck I was doing. I don’t remember leaving the bar, I don’t remember the drive home, I remember walking into my mom’s house and passing out. Yeah. Day 6 has a lot of holes.

On Day 7 I hung out with my Mom and Olivia all morning. That was awesome. Very good times. Around noon-1pm my really really REALLY old friend Chris came and picked me up from my Mom’s house and we drove down to Monroe to get lunch at the Long Branch Bar and Grill. Chris’s parents owned it back when we both lived in Monroe (read: haven’t seen him in 8 years so it’s been a while)

We start eating like two hours after we get there. The rest of the time we’rejust playing a mean game of catch up and having a few drinks. Mike meets us there around 4 and we had just finished eating. We stay for about another hour then Chris takes off. Mike and I have another drink then head to my house to pick up my shit then go to a mexican food place in Corvallis for some late dinner/margaritas. It is cinco de mayo after all.

So we do that, get home around 10 and decide YEAH WERE GOING TO DRINK WOOO..

We both open a beer, drink maybe half of it, and decide we’d both rather just go to bed. Hahaha.


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