Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Day 3 and 4

Sorry for the slacking on writing in my blog. Day 3 was not completely uneventful, but I slacked soooo bad on taking pictures. I only took a total of 30 when each night I’ve been downloading over 300 off of my camera.

Day 3 Photos

So, Day 3 Mike and I shit kicked it, watched Avatar in HD which was AWESOME. We went to Old World Deli which brews beer (very good beer I might add) and then went to see Mike Birbiglia. Very funny man. Then we drank and passed out..  haha

Day 4 Photos

DAY 4:

What a day. We wake up early (for mike) and late (for me) at around 7:30. We dilly dally and be unproductive for a while. Then I make a totally kick ass breakfast of french toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon. nom nom.

After we finish up my most excellent breakfast, we both open a beer and decide what we’re going to do with our day. Yeah. 9:30am and we’re already working on our beer. Hahaha. Have I mentioned how much I love this man?

So while we’re sipping our beer’s we try to figure out what we’re going to do and for some reason I bring up Enchanted Forest. I’ve driven by it hundreds of times but had never gone. I told him I wanted to check out the village but refused to go on ANY of their rides, because they looked lie death traps.

I later found out that all those death-trap rides were at Thrillville USA (next door to enchanted forest) and that it’s closed down now because the rides were literally death traps.

ANYWAYS. So we both immediately think it’s a good idea. We finish our drinks and then pack up in the truck and head to Salem. I figured it would be mostly crappy but from what I had seen from the highway there would be some good photo-ops. I was right.. and wrong. Right because what I saw from the highway did give a good idea of what to expect. There were no good photo-ops, just FUCKING AWESOME ZOMG LOVE THIS PLACE photo-ops. I want to live there. All the time. If I ever have property, I’m making it look like this place.

So, lots of photos and good times. The park is in no way over priced for entry, rides, or food. It’s like disney land without the commercialism. So much fun. I really hope I can go back before I leave. It was awesome.  My friend Taylor and I would be running around like 6 year olds if we were let lose in that place.

So after we leave we decide we’re going to find a barber. We find a place called “Best Little Hair House” and we know that this is our place. We make a semi-appointment, then head to the bar next door.

We make friends with this dude named Patrick, and start drinking with him. We leave to get our hair done then half way there we’re like “Fuck this lets go bac to the bar.”

So we do. Drinks drinks drinks.. okay. Time to go to a diff bar. So we go to Albany and stop at 2 bars there. First bar is awesome! Then we decide to go into the bowling ally bar and things just go downhill from there.

Talk about a shit storm. I am one jealous whorebag when I drink a lot. Like I am a straight horses-ass when I turn into that person. Oh well. We leave the bar and suddenly we’re all peachy keen again, which is good, but we both said some legitimately stupid things and we’re over it. lol.

Uh. The end?

See you tomorrow!


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