Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Day Two

Here you can find the gallery and commentary.

Day two wasn’t nearly as exciting as day one.. We woke up at Phil’s house rather early. I slept in until 9am. Not late for most of you, but that was after I fought to go back to sleep when I woke up at 4:15am. Some habits die harder than others, I suppose.

Phil, Dad, and I all went and got a most excellent breakfast at a little diner/cafe thing near Phil’s house. You really can’t beat country food. They just make it so fucking good. Anyway, Dad and I left for Monroe at about 11:30-Noonish.

I was worried we were going to get into town too early and have a shit ton of time to kill, but I was stupid for doubting my Dad. He’s made this trip manymany more times than I have, and obviously he knows what’s up. We got into town right on time and had a short visit with my bro before he left back for Phil’s down south.

I had a bottle explode in my bag and my clothes were covered with hair-goo-stuff (sad times) so I immediately threw clothes into my mom’s washer. At that point, I also texted Mike.

Then a freaky thing happened. I had received a text like five minutes later saying “Okay, well I’m just going to head towards monroe and stop at a bar or two until you text me so I’m close. See you soon.” and I was like “Sweet, sounds good.” and then we get a knock-knock on the door no more than 30 seconds after I send the text and theres Mike. I was like “Holy shit you’re fast!”

Haha, my mom’s house is WAY out in the sticks (refer to the gallery) and I had gotten the text very delayed. So at that point, the washing machine hasn’t even filled up with Water yet so Mike and I decide we’re going to head into monroe and get some lunchy lunch. We have a few drinks and some food then head back to my mom’s house. Clothes in dryer, hang out a bit, and after they finish their cycle we head to mike’s house.

Lots of catching up and some beer drinking, otherwise nice and uneventful. 🙂

More pictures and blog to be expected tomorrow.


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