Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.


My sister sells stuff on and makes money. I’ve considered the idea but never really ran with it. You see, while I can do a lot of crafty stuff my attention span for it is very limited. However, I am really really good at Crochet. I taught it in Oregon as well as doing demo’s and making hats here and there for my friends. I’ve worked on projects privately but never for any sort of income, or expected sales. People just don’t like crochet. Or so I thought.

I browsed around Etsy and decided to see what kind of random shit people were crocheting and trying to market these days. And then I see shit like this: Okay, so what the fuck. People are actually buying these?! I can make these!

So I decided to try my hand at making a beret/tam/whatever-the-fuck hippy/indie hat. It wasn’t very hard, that’s for damn sure. I kept track of my pattern and just improvised as I went along. I actually never had to frog (pull out) any of the rows. That surprised me.

Now I’m on a hat kick. Haha. Ironic. I always thought people didn’t like crochet. Hopefully I can make some money on the side.


One response to “Commerce

  1. Monety April 4, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Etsy is the most shitting place one the network so You are not alone in Your thoughts 🙂

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