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Sober April

This month is going to be a very strenuous month for me. I’ve given up drinking. And quiet a few other things. I want to use this month to save money and to get into better shape. With some help from my sister I’ve worked out the following guidelines for april:

  1. – No booze. AT ALL ZERO NONE ZILCH. If you know me in person you realize that this is not an easy sacrifice
  2. + Diet Dr Pepper. This will be my only caffeine intake.
  3. – Zero Carb Monsters
  4. – FiveHour Energy
  5. – Rockstars
  6. + Water WATER WATER. I’m going to have water readily available at all times. Even if it’s mixed with my little crystal light lemonade things so that I actually want to drink it. I know that I’m usually just thirsty when I feel hunger.
  7. + 20 minutes of walking, AT LEAST, every day. This will probably become longer, but I’m trying to set realistic goals
  8. + Continuing to spin my poi while strengthening my core.
  9. + Buy a measuring cup for a true ‘cup’ or 8oz.

I hope I don’t overwhelm myself with this. I don’t think it will be too bad, plus I can’t wait to see how much money I save, if nothing else. I’m just over feeling not completely comfortable in my own skin. Wishing wont do any good. I want to be stoked on life by the time summer comes.


3 responses to “Sober April

  1. jason April 4, 2010 at 11:00 am

    All good goals. here’s my thought on a couple things
    Booze, yes it’s going to be hard, but one thing i think might help and yes i know it sounds silly, but take down all drinking related stuff in your room/apartment and don’t wear funny booze related shirts. sounds weird but not only will it help to not remind you of booze, but if you don’t wear the shirts then it prevents people from commenting on them and thus bringing up the subject of booze. “hey that’s an awesome shirt, remember that time we did this or that…we were sooo fucked up.” something like that.

    energy drink, i don’t know all the nutritional do’s and don’ts, but i did a little research and read that sugar free red bulls are one of the healthier energy drinks out there due to the vitamin b and other stuff and lack of sugar. also much smaller so not as much of the stuff going in the body. i switched to those over other drinks and feel less crashy and just blech.

    yes, water water water. it helps a lot with hunger pains, but at the same time do not starve yourself. smaller meals and all that yes, but do not starve yourself.

    just a couple thoughts.

    • amathria April 4, 2010 at 12:29 pm

      All excellent points. 🙂 Thank you for the advice. I hadn’t thought abot taking down all the booze related stuff in my room. I mean, I have a poster next to my bed that says “Binge Drinking” and then lists all sorts of ridiculous shit concerning drinking. I’m mostly concerned about the B Vitamins. I don’t know what kind of long term effects there can be on me because of them. Blue Monsters (Zero carbs) aren’t actually that bad for you, I just drink them excessively. So instead of me trying to “Be good” and cut down, I’m just going to cold turkey them. I’m not good at moderation. 🙂

  2. jason April 6, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    yeah my way of cutting down was going from 24 oz monsters in san diego, 16 oz cans…to 12 oz cans, maybe someday i’ll be at the 8 oz can lol.

    you’ll be fine, stay strong and hopefully your friends are supportive.

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