Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Goodbye March

Well, this evening I finally installed XP on my laptop. Also my laptops keyboard is totally fubar so I apologize for any typos in advance. So, about the laptop..

About a week ago I had put UBUNTU on it because it was highly recommended to me by a friend who is far more awesome with computers than I myself am. I installed, played with it for a little while, then sadly realized that I suck with computers and that Microsoft has brainwashed me into being unable to do anything fancy.

So that lasted about two days before I packed up the laptop and put it back in my closet until further notice. A friend of mine sent me a copy of XP and of course I jumped on the laptop and installed it. Yay. I have to say though, I did forget how much I just kicked this laptops ass. One usb port doesn’t work at all, the other is lose within it’s socket, I’mmissing the backspace key, my K and spacebar and a few other keys are semi functional at best and my mouse pad is just.. fuckin ridiculous. But, I can use it and thats good enough for me. 🙂

I’ve requested time off and bought tickets so I will be leaving for Oregon on April 29th. I arrive on the 30th. I’m also doing this weird little thing called Sober April that some of my friends are doing on facebook.

After how much I drank last month I think my liver and kidney’s could use it. Plus my low tolerance will make my trip a little less expensive.. and it will help me save money up until my trip. Yay.

I can’t wait to see Mike, of course, and my family. I seriously miss my family so so soooo much. I want to be more involved in neice, Olivia’s, life.

So yeah, farewell March, see you next year.


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