Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Hunger Games

So a few days ago (Okay, exactly three.), I went into Borders looking to find something suitable to read for a few days. Whether you know it or not, I’m actually an avid reader and when my internet went out I jumped head first into my library. After re-reading all that I couldn’t basically recite by heart I went into borders. (Wow ass backwards introduction for sure)

I went in, started talking with the Clerk who had just opened up and she recommended to me The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I had looked through it before and she explained to me that it’s an absolute page turner and the description doesn’t do it justice. I take a leap and decide to buy it.

I finish it in a day. I have to wait a whole day before I go in searching for the second, which I bought yesterday after my shift at work. I finished it before I fell asleep.

It’s hard for me to explain without really giving away the story line and now I know why the description just really didn’t do it justice. It’s post-apocalyptic (sort of), and political (but not heavy), and extremely entertaining. I couldn’t help but read it. Internet? Pfft, why bother. I was reading a kick ass book.

It is classified as Young Adult so the font is big. Yuck, pet peeve. But ITS OKAY. READ IT. You will LIKE IT. I promise.

Now I have to wait until august for the third book. FML.


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