Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.


As I laid to rest TheBeast and let Comcast shut off my services I realized that eventually I would have to get a new computer. Friends tried to help to no avail and sadly I slipped into the netherworld of a tech-savvy person with no internet access.

And no possibility of having it in the near future.

I tried to pull necromancy on BigSaur but, once more, my efforts were thwarted.

Weeks roll by and I continue the go to work, come home, read, go to work, come home, read. I actually started watching TV. Tool Academy? Oh yes. Jersey Shore? Who wasn’t watching that! I could feel myself losing intelligence points simply by not having google at my fingertips.

Then tax season came around. Oh sweet sweet tax season. And then I finally got paid money owed to me by my work. Internet, meet JediNinja .

I got money, a lot of money, all at once. I knew at that moment when I walked away from my bank (I had to confirm that I didn’t mishear the automated message 5 times about my bank acct balance), that it was time to invest. I took a stroll next door to Best Buy.. I browse and browse and then my bestbuy homies show up and find out what I’m doing and take me to this almost hidden aisle and point out that computer to me.

It’s marked at $475 which is already a deal. I decide to take it. I find out I can only get the display model, I don’t care, discount. I get GeekSquad coverage (because I break shit), and more of a discount. I pay around $500.

It has a remote.


2 responses to “JediNinja

  1. Edmond March 8, 2010 at 6:47 am

    Ha ha…love the ending. Welcome back

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