Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Poi poi poi poi poi poi poi .. .

So hopefully I mentioned in a previous post that I got a set of Poi! IF not, well, I did. I actually got them from HOP and I have to admit that this place is amazing and I will refer EVERYONE to them. If you put in the promotional/referal code Amber33 they will give you a discount.

Anyway so I got some poi and i’ve been playing with them nonstop. Im a total addict. I have my spins down, forward, reverse, split time and I actually even know a few moves. What’s funny is the moves I learned on my own are from jumping rope excessively as a kid. Same motion. I was always pretty damn awesome at jump rope. I still enjoy doing it.

So today I was outside practicing new techniques (thanks to the awesome-o-3000 tutorials on HOP) and I hit myself in the back of the head. My poi’s aren’t super hard so I was like whatever and kept spinning. Then I hit myself in the knee and was like OW. I pulled up my jean leg and sure as shit I have bruises all over my knee. I realized at that moment that for every time I hit myself in the head/torso, I hit myself in the knee’s 10 times. So I had to quit and that sucks.

I went to Joe’s going away party last night. It was semi-themed for the Navy.. since that’s where he’s going. I Got some pretty awesome pics too. Maybe I will put them on picasa so you can see them.

Oh yeah and Mike is officially my significant other. I’m in love and it’s wonderful.



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