Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

lite brite

I want one. A giant lite brite that is. I am considering sketching up some drafts to build a large one.

Today was a long day in so many ways I really don’t want to recount all the crappy things that happened. All I will say though is that it ended on a great note. M sent me flowers at my work. Very sweet. I especially love the fact that I got to show them off. I would say I’ve definitely upgraded since the last boy I was in a serious relationship with.. which was almost two years ago. Ha.

I Also got my poi in the mail today. I played with them for about an hour before the rain got to be too much for me. I am definitely going to be spending most of my day tomorrow outside playing with them. I want to at least master the forward to reverse switch. Upper and low turns so that I can be like BA BLAM and be going in the opposite direction.

Also, jealousy is a very evil trait to posess


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