Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

I’m sick.

I’m sick. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me. And it’s progressively getting worse. It’s not cancer, so don’t go all “I’ll pray for you” bullshit. But it’s definitely something gnarly. They think it’s mononucleosis. I go back in on friday for another blood panel and lymphnode count thing. It’s painful and shitty. I have proof:

Evidence #1
Evidence #2
(Hopefully those links work)

I’ve been bed ridden since Saturday. Ive been into work twice. The first time was on saturday to pick up a prescription for strep throat and tell them I couldn’t work for a day because I was contageous. On Monday, the day I was supposed to return to work, I still had a fever so I went back to the doc and turns out their ASSUMPTION that I had strep was indeed incorrect.

Five hours of suckage in the ER and now they’re GUESSING it’s Mono. They believe it’s too early in the sickness for it to be showing in my blood. Well awesome. I go back in on friday for similar treatment. Lots of needles stuck in my veins. Oh joy.

I very well could spend all this time sleeping but I feel like shit when I wake up. My dad is awesome for constantly providing me with my much needed energy drinks and otter pops.

I’ve been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess for my GameCube (that I got in oregon) and have been thanking Mike subconsciously for buying me the memory card while we were at GameStop. If I didn’t have a way to save my many days housebound would be quite pitiful.

I’ve also been reading Questionable Content nonstop. I’ve read up to #1298 in three days. Yes, it’s fucking a good webcomic. Yes, I highly recommend it to you. Especially since Faye is my comic alter ego. Haha Sort of.

I miss being outside. I miss my friends. I miss having a life. OMG I feel like the boy in the bubble. Did I mention that my internet could be getting turned off at any time? Lucky for me I worked for a week before becoming Typhoid Amber so I get paid tomorrow. Yes, a large chunk is going to comcast for my enjoyment.

Did I mention that if I have mono I’m out for six weeks? Hello disability.

I’ll probably just spend my checks on hookers and debauchery anyway.


One response to “I’m sick.

  1. Gareth the Sheep Geezer December 7, 2009 at 9:48 am

    D: god damn. Hope you’re better soon. (or by now, though i havent seen you about online so..

    QC is epic. I read most of their back catalogue over 2 nights solid. Good times.

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