Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

A weeks worth of memories..

I got home from Oregon today. From my last blog post forward my vacation managed to go a bit awry so I will keep it simple. And categorised.. sort of.

Day two in Monroe I again attempted to do the drinking thing. Jimmy and I head to Bugsys and continue the drinking escapade. It’s karaoke night and I’m stoked on it. Anyways, about 20 minutes before Karaoke starts my exhusband walks into the bar and it all goes down hill from there to say the least. I once again pursue Jameson (my black out in a bottle) and start drinking excessive amounts. I know I cried hard enough that night that my eyes were swollen the rest of the following day. That sucked. I never want to see Kyle Agard again. End of story.

The following day (now called puffy eye day) started well. Sort of. Kyle also crashed at my mothers house so I did my best to just keep on with my day. I worked a green horse for the better part of the morning. Said my goodbye’s to kyle. Then went to my cousins house. It was excellent to see Michael and Liz as they’re probably two of my best friends. Love those guys.

The day after that (thursday I believe) Liz and I go to my Aunts house.. where my grandma lived. No one was home. I went in, took a few items that no one else wanted but I absolutely did, and left.

Mike picked me up that evening and I spent the rest of my vacation with him. We picked up his homie Isaac from springfield on friday and proceeded to have a most excellent weekend of drinking and football.

There are some things I miss very deeply in Oregon and other things I never wish to face again. Hell of a vacation.


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