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Oh no, I've said too much.

First Night in Monroe

Yesterday was my first day/night in Monroe. The town I ran amuck in since the age of sixteen. I got here, drank a few beers, shit kicked it with my mama and then called some friends. The one partner in crime who was up to the challenge (as always) is Jimmy. He picks me up and we head to Alpine.

This was the first time I have ever been in the Alpine tavern as my usual haunts in this town were the longbranch and the corner stone. So we get to the Alpine tavern and the whiskey starts flowing. We play a few games of pool, and then the bar owner comes in and tells us they’re closing up soon. Locks the door and what not. So we get another round of drinks, smoke inside, and finishes up our pool game. We don’t pay our tab, because there is no tab. Free drinks winz.

From there we move on to Bugsy’s in Junction City. I had been in this bar once before and it was about as quiet as it was this night as well. But I like bars where only me and a handful of people are in it. So it worked. I made fast friends with the bartender (7A from now on. she has that tattooed on her). Apparently we were seperated at birth. 7A is cool

So we drink and bullshit and 7A asks me if I’ve ever had a Red Headed Slut. I laugh and say of course so she pours us, including herself, a shot. I ask her “How much do I owe you for this?” and she waves her hand and says nothing. I continue to drink like this for the rest of the night.

From the Red Headed Slut forward my memory gets a bit hazy. I know I started a game of pool with a hot guy who liked the Reel Big Fish song I had put on the juke box. I’m fairly certain I got disgusted with my playing abilities and decided I was better suited to drinking than to trying to actually achieve anything.

I don’t know how I got home. Jimmy Says that mike drove us home. He thinks.

I don’t remember leaving. But 7A texted me three times asking where I was going, and if I’m still alive. (yes I got her # haha)

I don’t remember taking my shoes off or climbing into the bed couch my sister made for me. My sister says I opened the door, saw her and was like “OH HEEEY. I’m fucking drunk.” then passed out. Sounds right.

So I would say night one was a success. Undeniably. Time to find something fun for day two.


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