Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

10 Days..

I will be 24 in 10 days. It’s kind of surreal. I knew it was coming, time waits for no one. But oddly enough I don’t feel old. I think I make more of a play on my age than I really feel. This is going to be a good year for me and I can feel it. I will be on a train to Oregon in 11 days..

I’m freaking out more about that than my age though. I have two days off between now and when I leave and I don’t feel like that’s enough time to get everything done that I need. I haven’t even started packing yet.. oh I slack and slack. Such a last minute person.

The coming weeks are going to be a trying time for sure. Emotionally and physically. I’m exhausted and I still have days and days ahead of me. I’m anticipating Oregon. Seeing Mike will be wonderful but possibly seeing Kyle is definitely low on my list. I know it would shatter the walls I’ve built around myself. Talk about total melt down.

At least I’ve been painting more. I’ve finished two pieces and now I’m working on a present for a friend and Pandora’s Box (jar). I bought some mediums to use with my acrylic and they’re amazing. I wish I had had them before I started some of my projects. Oh well, now I know, and my imagination is limitless.



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