Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Feel the burn

I just got done stretching my second holes.. I took out the metal spirals I’ve had in for near to four years and put in some little 10g posts. The 8G matching plugs I bought from amazon should be here in a few days. I just wanted to get a head start on the stretching and I randomly found a pair of small gauge earrings I forgot I had. It’s weird, because when I stretched my #1 holes in my lobe they got really hot.. the second holes didn’t burn so much as itch. Super itchy. Anyway, no more hanging earrings for a while. I just want to get my #1’s up to a 0 and have pretty 8s or 6s in my second holes.

I gotta get a third hole done soon. Then I can start the stretching process all over again!

I’ve had a really good friday night/saturday morning. I close tonight and tomorrow so I still have my mornings on the weekend which is nice in case I want to go out. Johnny invited me to go see Reel Big Fish with him next sunday, which I’m totally game for. I can’t wait. Something I didn’t think about though was if I was going to be able to get that sunday off.. or at least get an early shift. I close just about every sunday, so I probably screwed myself. I gotta talk to my coworkers when I get to work.

Oregon is going to be amazing. Diet pills will be here the 11th. Hopefully they work. I still gotta buy my costume. Frick. It’s like $70. But I’ll make it happen even if I don’t go out for two weeks. I gotta pay comcast next week.. I gotta put money on my phone. FML.


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