Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.


Disclaimer: My keyboard has been acting up.. so I apologize before-hand for any typos.

I’m feeling really weird lately. Like I have all this energy I don’t know how to get out. My bedroom is driving me a little crazy. It’s not the way I want it to be. I want it to be more organized.. I want things to have a place. My biggest problem concerning that however is that I don’t have the room to accommodate those needs. My TV is in my closet, my coats are hanging next to it, my broke ass laptop is on top of the tv, the TV is on top of one of two racing bucket seats.. and that’s just one small portion of my closet. My dresser has clothes over flowing out of the drawers, and things are all over the top of it.. Knicknacks, my carnival glass, my receiver.. my computer.. my DESK TOP computer, is stacked next to my dresser on the floor. With the huge ass monitor stacked precariously on top of the up-right tower. I hate my small room.

So theres one rant out of the way. Beyond that I made a discovery today. Blu e-Cigarettes. What the F you say? I want some. I’m buying some. Soon. no more cig smell, yay. no tar, so I will sound like a girl again.. yaaaaaay.

Oregon in 59 days.


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