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Museum of Lovers

Internet got turned off.. got turned back on.. Here I am. I’m off work today, so I’m being a domestic Goddess and getting all my house work done. My woredrobe has gotten a complete over haul and right now I’m doing a load of laundry. My main subject of thought today is how amazing it is that in a matter of minutes someone can dance in or out of your life. Suddenly they’re everything or just not nearly as important as they used to be. I had one day of peace. One day when I didn’t care about anyone else but myself and it was great. I was so un absorbed in the crap going on around me. Then old friends start contacting me and I begin to miss Oregon. The people there are different. I found out yesterday though that after September I have a weeks paid vacation. I need to talk to my big bosses and confirm some dates. If I’m getting paid to take time off then I can actually afford to go to Oregon for a week and catch up and not feel like a scumbag for never seeing my friends. They were more my family than my blood relatives for a long time. I’m just afraid I wont want to come home.

All boys I’ve spoken about previous to this entry who are not dating one of my friends are no longer in my life. I think I prefer it this way.


One response to “Museum of Lovers

  1. you know August 7, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    i know just come back and i can flirt with ya and kick every other guys ass

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