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Crazy Days

I almost forgot about my blog! Almost. Okay not really. I’ve been thinking about it but I haven’t managed to fandangle enough time or motivation to update it. A lot has happened since thursday!

Thursday I worked, and got paid. Yay money. I ended up going to Sir Froggy’s with Kyle (mary’s bf {jamba}) and Tofi (Deli) to sing Karaoke. Good times. We got plastered. Hobbs and his friend Joe showed up around 11:30 and drank with us a little. Hobbs and I dropped off Joe and then proceeded to go have a mini party off highway 9. Lucky the cops didn’t roll us.

We hit up Denny’s at like 10 am. Haven’t slept. Still mostly fucked up. I have friday off though so woot for that. I get to sleep at about 4pm and wake up at 11 am today. ARgh That’s okay though! The only thing wrong with me is this cold I’ve been fighting off for a few days. ouch. Stuffy nose, sneezing, and coughing. I’m kind of gross.

I see Jimmy (Luke’s homie) of all people, at Safeway when I go in early. I went in early because I decided to return a USB hub I really didn’t need. Anyways, so I eat lunch with jimmy and have a good time of it. He seems super cool, plus he’s pretty cute. So that was nice. We went over to best buy to harass Luke and check out his new tattoos. They’re beautiful.

I go in and work. Feel like crap. Work more. Hobbs comes in and see’s me. We hang out, then later Luke comes in and we BS for about 5 mins then whatever. I’m home now. Sick still, but at least I have beer.

Tomorrow is GREAT AMERICA day with all my slaveway partners.. Should be greatness.


One response to “Crazy Days

  1. Slaveway September 2, 2009 at 8:56 am

    I just started a new forum and blog for, by and about Safeway employees of Past and present….come join us and share your stories. (Please note the site is still being developed, so it may change appearance)

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