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Pre-Holiday Bliss

Let me tell you about my day.. It’s a long story so get ready for a rant. So I get to work (aka Safeway) and meet up with Luke around 9am for some coffee. My treat, because he takes me fishing, and I like to fish. We hang out and I’m happy that I’m having a good start to my day considering the long shift I have ahead of me. I clock in at 9:30 and start helping around the kiosk. We have these gallon containers of Sanitizer solution (that we put in our sanitizer sink.. diluded with A LOT of water) and I was changing the pump because our old container was empty and it wasn’t working and Clarisse (the opener {4:30a – 9:30a}) says she has to go so I tell everyone THE CONTAINER IS NOT SEALED. DO NOT KNOCK IT OVER.. So I start making drinks because we are fucking slammed and five minutes later Jackie (the new lady.. I wont say girl because she’s like 45) says ‘god damnit’ and I look behind me and the sanitizer is knocked over flooding the kiosk… I send her off to go get a mop.. blahblah I take care of register and the espresso bar and she gets back and we clean up the messes (she made others) and I ask her if she wants to go take a ten because she had gotten there at 6:30. She says “No, I don’t want a break, but I do want to talk to you.” and I was like “okay whateva” and go about doing my job in this great mood. I had no idea what she wanted to talk to me about but I figured it was something important pertaining to our job. Like maybe she didn’t know what the rules were on trading shifts or something. So she left and came back with cups to stock the kiosk and she’s like “Okay Amber. I just want to let you know that I think you’re awesome, and you’re great to work with.” and I was like “Aww, omg thank you 🙂 ” And then she pulls the “buuuut, i just want to let you know that when I work with other people I don’t mess up like I do with you. I feel like when you talk to me it’s super condescending and that you somehow think I am stupid. I am not stupid. I know how to do my job. And it really pisses me off when you talk down to me. It’s the same way that my exhusband who used to beat the shit out of me used to talk to me. Like I was stupid and didn’t know anything.” Cue the tears. I was completely dumbfounded. My jaw dropped and I had no good response. I just said “Uh.. okay.” And when she was finished I said “I’m sorry you feel that way. I have a very dominant personality and I’m trying to keep the kiosk running as smoothly as possible.” She then started giving examples of my crap-attitude. Such as me preping coffee when the bar wasnt busy and she was at the register, and making sure she was making drinks right. I told her “I’m trying to help you. You’re still new and you still need help. I can’t change that.”

So then we had customers and I took care of business at the espresso bar as usual. I told her after that rush, “I’m sorry I bring up such bad memories. I do not mean to be mean, if that’s what I’m being. It’s just the way I am.” and we continued with our day. I enjoyed every second she was out of the kiosk.

I have to work with her for three hours tomorrow.. shouldn’t be so bad though. To be honest, I don’t care if she doesn’t like me or doesn’t like working with me. Some people can handle a high stress job, some people can’t. I’m going to talk to my manager about it when she works on sunday. I’m very very compulsive about keeping work and drama seperate. If you have an issue with me or vice versa, that’s fine, we can deal with it outside of work. I don’t like people fucking up my day. Especially when you work in a grocery store the day before the fourth of fucking july.


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