Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Day before pay day..

Well last night Katie decided she would float me till payday so I could go out with our safeway crew and play some pool. Wasn’t my best night, but it wasn’t the worse either. Drank a few beers, had a good time. Then Katie and I went over to Jake’s and played some beer hockey. Good times good times. Today was a great day though. I took my written driving test and toooootally passed. I didn’t realize until I picked up the quiz that I hadn’t even looked in the book! Fuck my life, I was thinking to myself.. fuck my life. BUT I only missed four questions, and they were tricky. Like the fact that it’s illegal to smoke with a minor in your car. I did not know that. Hahaha. So now I can legally drive around anyone over the age of 18 with a drivers licence. Good times. I also managed to get a completely awesome 5 disc dvd/stereo/weird crazy surround sound sony entertainment thing. Sub and all four speakers. they said it didn’t work.. I’ve had no issues. Especially with it hooked up to my computer. 🙂 GREAT DAY. My paycheck is mostly spent but hey, who needs food? ha.


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