Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

BBQ and Sunshine

I spent my day yesterday laying out in the sun until noon when my Dad informed me that some family members from Oregon were down visiting for the weekend and my Aunt and Uncle were having a big family bbq thing. So of course I was like Lets go! Went and hung out pool side for a while and waiting for everyone to arrive. Good times for sure and for certain.

A while later family friends show up and I start taking shots of Jager and Patron with one of my other “dads” (aka the tight family friends I’ve known my whole life and treat me like their daughter) and have a great time bullshitting with everyone.

I forget how much I love my family. They’re some pretty cool people. Matty (cousin) and Monet (his wife) stopped by and showed off the newest edition to the Sinnott Family. She’s adorable. 🙂 I was happy to have gotten to see her.

I ate all sorts of crap that I shouldn’t have been. But I couldn’t even help myself. I cheated for ONE day and that was it, and it was for my aunts delicious BBQ foodies. 😦 Oh well, back on to atkins!

After I got home I had this screaming headache and my stomach was all fucked up. Probably from the serious intake of carbs that I have been restricting for the last seven days. I think I also pulled a muscle in my leg while climbing my ass out of the pool

I ended up hanging out with Nick and Char for a few hours then coming back home.. reading.. then sleeping.

Today I am doing a massive overhaul of my bedroom and bathroom. So far so good. Almost everything is done. 🙂


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