Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

It is what it is..

That seems to be my mantra lately. “It is what it is.. it is what it is..” It helps a little but I think with more practice differentiating between emotional attachment and entertainment will become easier. I had an ephany with Katie last night that I have no idea what so ever how to date. I never have dated before. I don’t know what the drill is for anything. Dating is what people do in highschool and their late teens. I was with the same person from 16 to 22. I probably have no right seeing anyone right now… but that’s where the whole emotional factor kicks in.

So theres that. Getting my birth certificate to do the licence thing on thursday. Stoked on that one. No work from thursday – tuesday. Yay vacation. My next day off is thursday though.. so this is six days of work in a row. So tired.

So yeah, thursday is the birth certificate. Katie wants to go see roller derby on friday and I’m totally down. Then on the 12th of July we’re hoping to hit up the SEA (safeway employee association) event at Great America because you get all kinds of uber discount or something. July 24th is the Safeway District dine and dance thing.. basically prom for adults. We’re also thinking about crashing that party. 🙂


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