Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Wandering Aimlessly

Last night my friends kidnapped me and we all went to see The Hangover. I should say friends/coworkers, because  I work with every single one of them. The movie was great, but I think after all the hype I didn’t find it as funny as I would’ve had I seen it originally.

Yesterday was payday. Yayay. I went to ross and tried on some clothes, and every piece I grabbed didn’t fit. I was like WTF. Of course, one was too big and I didn’t understand how that happened.. fucking ross way to ruin my self esteem!

So I just went and bought two new pairs of sunglasses. Hahaha. Retail therapy is good, and I’ve decided I need to start buying myself a few fun things each pay check or I’m going to forget why I like to work. Staying on the sober wagon for more than a week seems to be an issue, but I’m definitely good on moderation, and no beer. Definitely no beer.


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