Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Epic Fail

I didn’t update my Project 365 yesterday and I just realized it. Lame. I’ll just have to update with two pictures today. I’m pretty sure I passed a kidney stone yesterday. It was very instense and very painful but I’m in better shape today. I’ve managed not to call in sick at all last week.. not sure how I pulled it off, but I’m glad. I need the hours. I have today off and yay for that. At this point I’m exhausted from lack of sleep (thanks pain!) but I’m eating AZO max strength and drinking lots of water hoping to help my kidney’s out.

Mentally I’m in a weird place between not caring about anything and just being completely overwhelmed. I’m trying to stop my mind from going into lock down, which is what I do when I can’t deal with stuff. I just become.. indifferent. To everything, good or bad. It’s a great self defense mechanism but I don’t want it right now. I don’t want to burn any bridges just because I’m going mental.


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