Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.


I jumped off the wagon last night, but have climbed back on today. The booze didn’t make me feel better this time. I basically had a melt down at Mary’s house, and that’s okay, we knew it was going to happen and it needed to happen so we planned it. My kidney’s still hurt and I’ve had a screaming headache for three days but I’m managing. I feel better today, but still not grounded.

I still feel a little rough around the edges. I have tomorrow off work and thank god for that. I requested the last week of june off, hopefully she can make it happen.

Sid came to Mary and Kyle’s house and drank a beer with me. At that point I was pretty gone emotionally. Fuckin emo amber. theres an idea. ha. He made some good points though. Along with everything else in my life, he thinks the kyle thing is just now hitting me. I didn’t mourn about it before. Kind of like a PTSD moment. Awesome. x_x


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