Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

murder death kill

I just got home from one of the longest days of work in the history of the world.. Sort of.  Basically bad recovery from a three day bender (read previous entry) My day started off with me purchasing my usual double pack of 5hr energy drinks. I’ve resolved to quit drinking soda, beer, and rockstars. Too many calories and shit is bad for me anyway. So anyway, I get my energy drinks, take one and get to work. Only to find out I get to work with the new hire (Jackie). This is her third day.. I’ve been gone for the first two.

Stacie (Starbucks Manager) is gone. the whole fucking time the new hire is there. What does that mean? Oh Amber gets to train her today. I do not get paid to train anyone, even though I trained the last two hires, and I was fucking over it the moment I found out. Then she tried to explain to me how to do my job. Wrong.

I wanted to punch myself just so I could go home. At this point I’m on day two of severe kidney pain and I didn’t want to be there anyway. Break time I smoke.. realize I only have like six left. Gotta buy more. OH WAIT. AMBER IS STUPID. I spent my mother fucking cigarette money on FIVE HOUR ENERGY drinks. Now not only do I want to punch myself, I want to claw my eyes out.

Go to lunch, get my sandwich (woo free sammich coupon) and feel like crap the rest of my day. Yeah, I don’t even know.

But then I get home and walk up to my door. I’ve had a birdnest in my window for like two weeks now.. there were three eggs in it. WHAMO egg’s are now baby birdies. 😀

Sidenote: My window is broken, so it’s a huge frame. I have a mirror over it. Haha.

I’m going to be on mental retreat for a while. I’ve found I’ve made myself too emotionally available to someone who isn’t and it’s time for me to step back before I freak myself and possible others out. Besides, it will be nicer to my wallet.


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