Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

The days that have passed

Long story time. Gather ’round, children.

Sunday night was the night that Miss Katie was holding her house warming party, with the safeway crew. I arrived there with Jake at about 9pm after picking up a handle of Sailor Jerry’s. We all hung out for a while.. Jake(checker), Joe(jamba), Katie(front end manager), Myself(starbucks), and Paris(ex-courtesy clerk). Mary(starbucks) and Kyle(jamba) show up shortly there after and Katie’s neighbor/roomate person comes and hangs out too. Around 10:30 or 11pm Julian comes from San Jose and our party commences. Drinking games and .. well lots of drinking. Good times.

Julian and I head back to his house at around 1am. Sleepy time etcetc. The next day (monday) we hang out for a while in the morning before he goes to work and I basically just do at his house what I do at mine. Which is to say I played computer and did some chores. Haha. I did dishes. It was funny because I couldn’t even help myself. I’ve been in this weird productive cleaning mode lately. Except I haven’t been home long enough to do it where it needs it the most. My bedroom. ARrghghg..

So then I talk to Mary all day online which was fun because we don’t get to chat NEARLY enough. I mean a few hours every day is just not enough of a mary fix. Ha. I give her directions on how to get to Julians pad, she gets lost, insanity insues and she arrives safe and sound at 7:30 pm where she picks me up and we proceed to Dave and Busters where we meet up with more coworkers. Clarisse(starbucks), Taylor(jamba), Bea(floral) + husband, Alex(starbucks), Mary and Myself all get our dinner. Which was delicious. Then proceed to games.

Games games games.. I get a shot glass with my tickets to match my TNTea glass I got with my Long Island at dinner. Good times. Kiely texts me to hang out, I just so happen to be in san jose so she picks me up..

We head over to her friend Johns house. Lots of drinking.. lots of ridiculousness. Kiely and I champ it out and drink the better part of an 18pk and lots of bacardi. Who needs sleep when you have a drinking buddy that can keep up? At 6:30a we head over to Kiely’s house to take showers and get freshened up. Durring my drunk shower one of my earrings falls out and the tip breaks off the spiral. Sadness. While I’m drying my hair it falls out again and it breaks in half basically. It’s still in my ear but now it must be replaced.

We hit up denny’s and realize we probably shouldn’t be in public let alone driving, so we drive back to Johns and hang out. we were supposed to go to the City that day but it would’ve been ludicris. We pass out at 11am.. wake up at 2pm.. hang out with Sadek. Meet up with Julian for lunchies.. and now I’m home.

Yup, great days off.

Sidenote: Starbucks and Jamba Juice are both inside of the safeway we work at. Yeah, it’s fucking huge.


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