Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Over the hill

I’m sitting in san jose doing the same thing I would be doing at home and it’s okay. At least his chair is more comfortable. I’m not really bored but I’m also not really entertained. I kind of just want to lay out in the sun which I might do anyway, but then i think about it and change my mind. i feel like I drank too much last night but in all reality i drank much less than I usually do..

I think the fact that I consumed alcohol on an empty stomach is what got me. I seem to be doing that a lot lately.. I just never seem to get a meal in between work and friends. It’s rough. my tummy doesn’t like me right now.

I’m going to Dave and Busters tonight with a bunch of coworkers.. I basically got fandangled into it as I was going to opt out. It’s not that it didn’t sound fun, but just that I wasn’t willing to spend money on it. However, I had three of the five other people going tell me that if I didn’t go they weren’t going to go and I didn’t want to be the big kill joy for the one coworker who is planning everything. Blah. So at this point the plan is to drink and kick as much ass at video games as is possible. Except this time I will eat first.


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