Pretty Like Drugs

Oh no, I've said too much.

Yeah yeah yeah..

I can’t handle livejournal. It’s too.. I don’t know. Too impersonal. too full of filler and other things I just don’t care about. That’s not very nice. But I’m not always the nicest person. I don’t feel like I necessarily have to make sense here because it’s not really for anyone but me, and maybe some people who are smart enough to find this link littered somewhere on the internet. I’ve been having a crazy thing happen to me lately. I find I’m happy. I somehow stumbled upon happiness the moment I quit looking for it and had just come to the realization and acceptance that the only thing that’s stable in my life is me. the fact that I’m alive is good too. I’ve also began to entertain this awareness in my head.

I’m not the voice in my head, I’m the awareness. The awareness of the voice inside my head that jabbers at me incessantly about unimportant things. I’ve learned to quiet it.. it’s taken a really long time though. And it wasnt easy and I can’t always do it, but the more I practice practice practice.. the easier it becomes to quiet it.


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